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Meet our new moderator

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.41.53 PMFor Brad Bartel, stepping into a new role as church moderator was about being faithful in following God’s call. Pastor Brian approached Bartel last fall with a request to consider becoming church moderator. Having declined several opportunities to take on the role in the past, Bartel agreed to reconsider.

“I said I’d take some time to think about it,” he said. “(I) began praying about it a lot and feeling kind of a nudge toward that.”

Through participating in the S.H.A.P.E. class taught by Pastor Jeremy, Bartel said he gained a deeper understanding of his gifts and the call God places on his followers to use their gifts despite feelings of

“God can provide that strength, wisdom (and) vision that we would need to fulfill those roles that he’s placing you in,” Bartel said. “It really was something I felt a strong call for.”

After a few months of prayerful consideration, Bartel accepted the position as moderator. He has served in that capacity since mid-November.

Bartel’s roles include chairing the church council and serving on the Spiritual Life Ministries Board, and he works closely with the pastoral staff and trustees as well. Bartel is also available to help discern and answer potential questions of scheduling or concern posed by the congregation.

Bartel said he is excited about the opportunities his new role provides.

“I see the role providing the opportunity to give support and an avenue for communication with the congregation and also the committees and boards that make up leadership in the church,” he said.

“That really invigorates me. We have opportunities to improve communication, and in doing so, make our ministry more effective.”

Bartel looks forward to building on the church’s ministry moving forward.

“The church has some momentum going with many positive things in ministry, and I would like to see those continue,” he said. “I just think we have so many positive things that we can build upon.”

—Janae Rempel

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