The Youth Ministry Team is on a mission intentionally pursuing 7th-12th grade students to help them find faith, hope, and love in Jesus Christ and to develop as His disciples.


Junior High Youth (JMBY) 7th & 8th Grade
Sunday 9:30 am-10:30 am
Wednesday 6:45 pm-7:45 pm
Meets on the northeast corner of the building
High School Youth (MBY) 9th-12th Grade
Sunday 9:30 am-10:30 am
Wednesday 6:45 pm-7:45 pm
Meets on the southeast corner of the building


bullet-h1bigb JUNIOR HIGH

Junior High can have a way of being both exhilaratingly fun and overwhelmingly difficult. We understand that every 7th and 8th grade student is their own unique individual and we appreciate and value what they bring to the table. Our Youth Ministry Team works hard to make JMBY a place that is safe for all of the students who participate; a place where they can be heard, but also learn to really listen; and a place where they can hear the foundational truths about who Jesus is and how much he loves them. Students are challenged to apply these truths to how they see and treat others.


bullet-h1bigb HIGH SCHOOL

High School can be a time when students slip slowly away from their faith in Jesus. It can also be a time when adolescent believers become solid, sold-out, all-in followers of The King. The Youth Ministry Team is prepared for the tough questions, hard talks, and brutally honest feedback that come with the territory of working with teenagers. MBY is a place not just for the ‘believers’, but for any students asking questions about this ‘Jesus-guy’ or looking for a place to belong.


bullet-h1bigb SUNDAYS

Sundays have a small-group feel as we dialogue about different passages of scriptures and Biblical truths. We encourage students to raise questions, disagree, give input, and really seek what God is trying to communicate to all of us in an appropriate and safe environment for these conversations.


bullet-h1bigb WEDNESDAYS

Wednesdays add a little more fun to the mix. We know students have to listen most of the day at school, so we make room for activities with the sole purpose of having a good time.

bullet-paragraphb JMBY students worship through music together and then engage in a 10 to 15 minute lesson. Sometimes at the end of a school day there is just only so much focus left so we aim for straightforward main ideas from the Bible without going on-and-on about it and then we reintegrate those ideas in smaller groups.

bullet-paragraphb MBY doesn’t get off to a “formal” start until closer to 7:15. We utilize the beginning minutes of the evening to “hang-out,” get to know each other, and “chill” a little at the end of the day. Our hope with the lesson time is to bring the Scripture to life and engage students on a deeper level as we sort through tough questions and practical applications.


The Youth Ministry Team maintains a 5:1 student-sponsor ratio in our youth ministry programs as we feel this is a key component in making sure your students have the opportunity to connect individually with an adult.

Youth ministry at HMBC is not limited to Sunday and Wednesday programming. If you are interested in events and opportunities that are occurring outside of these avenues, please contact Sara Jo at or by calling the office.

You’re invited to join us on a Sunday or Wednesday to see what it’s all about. We’d love to hear any questions you have about the program and who we are. Please don’t hesitate to contact Sara Jo Waldron at or by calling the office at 620-947-3144. She is eager to support your family and help you find your place in youth ministry at HMBC.