Joel & Cindy Groening
SIL Nasuli
Malaybalay City 8700

Land line: 011-63-88-828-3131
Joel’s cell: 011-63-917-884-1367

Joel’s birthday: October 17

Cindy’s birthday: December 11

Groening’s anniversary: August 17

Wycliffe Bible Translators
P.O. Box 628200
Orlando, FL32862-8200

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Joel and Cindy, members of Wycliffe Bible Translators, have been living at Nasuli, the translation center in the Southern Philippines since 1984. Joel is still the Nasuli Center Administrator, as well as serving on the Philippines Branch Executive Committee (EC), now as Vice-Chair. Cindy watches over the library, coordinates a worker Bible study, teaches a conversational ESL class, etc. Joel & Cindy have completed a 3-month Vernacular Media Training Course (VMS) held at Nasuli from mid-Sept through mid-Dec last year. Together, they are also becoming more involved as Language Program Coordinators (LPCs) for several language projects in the Southern Philippines. They will move to a city 3 hours further south after the NasuliCenter closes in Spring 2010 to continue as LPCs and in VMS.

There are about 175 languages in the Philippines. Wycliffe personnel have been involved in translating and publishing 58 New Testaments and two whole Bibles. Work is still in progress in a number of other languages. A few still need to be started. The remainder can adequately use a related language Bible. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

The Groenings have two sons; both are walking with the Lord. Isaac lives in North Carolina with Jenny, his bride of two years, and is continuing to work as a brick mason. David married Rachel (also an MK who grew up in Asia) on August 2, 2008 and continues his work as a Project Engineer for a commercial construction company in Springdale, Arkansas.


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Prayer Requests:
Pray for the Groenings as they face ministry transitions – from Administration & Library to roles in Language Program Coordination (LPC) together with an assignment in Vernacular Media (VM).

Pray for joy in serving this last year at Nasuli. This has been home for 25 years now.

Pray for wisdom and strength as Joel & Cindy balance their roles at Nasuli this year during closure of the Center and all that is implied in that large endeavor with their role as Language Program Coordinators and some opportunities to mentor this year as VMS specialists – Jesus film dubbings into two local languages!

Our great desire is that the NasuliCenter could be transitioned to another Christian organization and used for His glory into the future. Pray that this may be possible and the details worked out.

Join their support team, write them letters, encourage them through prayer.