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Milk and Honey Ministries, Asia

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bullet-h1bigb MESSAGE FROM LEANN

Friends and family,

Wow, it is hard to believe I have been here 3 weeks already. This would normally be the time I would start thinking about goodbyes, etc. But this year I am blessed to have another 5 weeks here. There has been some tension for me as foreigners are being welcomed at the orphanage this summer due to the flu. I have spent a lot of energy worrying about this. However, this week G—taught me to relax and depend on Him. Is my faith not enough to KNOW that father is in control of everything? The lesson he showed me over and over this week very plainly is that He is sovereign. Absolutely, sovereign all the time. I will continue to seek the next step He has for me and I will continue to wait on His perfect timing. I know without a doubt that He has what is best in mind for and my special boy and that someway, somehow He will bring him to know Him personally. That is my pr–.

As for now, I cherish the time I get to spend with the boys and the other children. The two are especially both a delight and are learning and growing so much. While those 2 boys are at “school” on another floor of the orphanage, I have time to hug and kiss on the other young children and hang out with the older youth. My days are full and I usually come home tired just from the craziness of it all.

I am attempting to learn the Chinese language 3 days a week and I am blessed to have a like minded friend come to the apt to teach me. It is so nice to not have to try and get a taxi at 5:00pm. I am enjoying learning some key phrases to use with the children when things get confusing. Not to say they don’t still get chaotic with communication.

I want to thank you all again for your pr—and support. Continue to lift up the health of the children, it has been kind of cool here and we all have colds. Also ask that I will be faithful to seek and obey father’s leading.

I love you all and hope that you are all having a wonderful summer. Praises for a good harvest.

Because of Him,
July 1, 2009