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Sundays @ 10:30 AM

Worship/Adult Ministries Position

Job Type: Full Time Salaried
Core Ministry Area: Sunday Service, Music, Adult Ministries
Reports To: Lead Pastor

To be responsible for guiding the church in expressing the love for God and His creation through worship and assisting the Lead Pastor in the equipping of the Saints (roughly 50% worship, 50% adult ministries)

• Holds a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, music ministry, church ministry, or a related field.
• One who exhibits a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and is a lead worshipper.
• One who has experience (a minimum of 1-3 years preferred) in leading groups of people in worship.
• One who has a potential for good chemistry with the Lead Pastor and the rest of HMBC staff.
• One who is gifted and called to lead the body of Christ in worship.
• One who has a biblical understanding of worship, is able to communicate it to others, and who is in agreement with the HMBC statement of faith, mission, vision, and values.
• One who is a self-motivated leader, capable of casting and imparting vision for ministry, and able to form teams, develop leaders, and manage them well.
• One who has demonstrated leadership in equipping the saints.
• One who is committed to excellence as a means to worship God.

1. Develop and implement plans for worship.
2. Coordinate music with the Lead Pastor that complements the theme of the sermon.
3. Organize and arrange music teams, set up a practice schedule, and lead practices.
4. Oversee the technological support needed for a Sunday morning service as well as any other events that are deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
5. Participate in the evaluation and development of the overall church ministry.
6. Oversee the development of the power point for the preacher and the power point for lyrics and anything else that should be displayed during the worship service.
7. Work with the Lead Pastor to carry out the vision of the church and leadership development.
8. Oversee and strengthen adult ministries (equipping and outreach) through the planning and organization of events, small groups, and discipleship classes.
9. Help with assimilating new congregants into church membership and body life.
10. Meet as determined with the Lead Pastor, remaining accountable and responsive to his oversight.

1. Attend staff meetings on a weekly basis.
2. Set an action plan and goals that focus on worship and adult ministries.
3. Stay current with worship trends and technology trends in our Christian culture.

$38,000-50,000/yr + benefits (based on experience and education)

If interested, contact Nick Robertson of Dwight Whitworth & Company by phone at (423) 427-3623.