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    Remember the primary purpose

    Knowing the primary purpose of something is very important. I once heard this explained using Nolan Ryan, the great baseball pitcher, as an example. The author said it was very important for Nolan Ryan and the team he played for to remember what his primary purpose or main contribution was

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    Love can be restored

    As it did for Balaam, God’s word to us can come from unexpected sources. My high school sweetheart and I were married in 1971, something we had planned on for many years. A year and a half later we divorced. I found that you cannot hold onto a butterfly too

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    Meet our new moderator

    For Brad Bartel, stepping into a new role as church moderator was about being faithful in following God’s call. Pastor Brian approached Bartel last fall with a request to consider becoming church moderator. Having declined several opportunities to take on the role in the past, Bartel agreed to reconsider. “I