“Our mission is to help people find faith in Christ and to develop Christ-like people.”


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  • Matlocks

    Leadership for our future

    A Q&A conversation with Jeremy Matlock Not only is Jeremy Matlock a new face for our church family, but the position of “pastor of adult discipleship and assimilation” is new for us as well. Through the following conversation, we hope you become more familiar with both as we seek God’s

  • Four reasons why we need a pastor of adult discipleship and assimilation

    1. Because “developing Christ-like people” is a lifelong journey. Under Pastor Brian’s leadership, our church family is blessed to have gifted leaders who coordinate the equipping of children and youth, but our approach to equipping adults lacks coordination and leadership. The REVEAL survey indicated we adults need opportunities for growth

  • Facing our fears

    God wants to deliver you from fear. This is an important truth to embrace. Often, people avoid going to the doctor out of fear. They are afraid the doctor might find something. They are afraid the reality of their physical condition might be something they don’t want to know about.