“Our mission is to help people find faith in Christ and to develop Christ-like people.”


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    A child shall lead them…

    The children of HMBC kick off our celebration of God’s greatest gift, Jesus the Christ.

  • New life for a new year

    As human beings, we love new things. We love new songs and new clothes. We love making new friends and trying new foods. We love new cars and new books. In nearly every category we can cite, something about receiving or experiencing newness brings a sense of excitement and hope

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    Faces in Our Places

    BRAD, RITA & NOAH BARTEL ⬛ How long have you been a part of HMBC? Brad has been part of HMBC for 15 years, Rita for 20 years and Noah for 12. ⬛ How are you involved in the church? We are involved at HMBC both as a family and