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**COVID UPDATE (12/3/20)**

Dear Church Family,

It is clearly an understatement to say that these are difficult times in which we live. As a church we are trying to adapt to every curveball that comes our way. We are attempting to provide as much community and fellowship as possible. We want to respect people’s freedom while also acting responsibly to care for our neighbor. We have all become risk managers, assessing what risks we are willing to take for the perceived gain. I want to encourage us to not look at policies and protocols in response to COVID-19 with judgment, recognizing that this is not a black and white matter.

I have been encouraged by our congregation’s desire to stay on mission, stay connected, to obey those in authority, and to put aside personal preference for the sake of others. With this same spirit, Council has decided to follow the city’s ordinance which allows us to continue our current policy of wearing masks into and out of the service yet remove masks when seated socially distanced. However, for the holiday season, due to heightened travel and holiday activities, Council has decided to go beyond the city ordinance and require masks throughout the entire service.

We will be asking everyone in the Worship Center to keep their masks on during church services until Council reviews this again on January 21. For those who cannot wear a mask that long or would prefer not to, the Fellowship Hall and Hearth Room will be available with a live streamed video of the service. You will be allowed to remove your masks while seated and socially distanced from those outside your immediate household while in those rooms.

Council’s hope is that this temporary policy will also allow some of those who haven’t been attending to join us. I want to reiterate, however, that if you are an at-risk individual please do not feel pressured to attend the service. We miss you but understand the need to stay home at this time. We look forward to the day when we can all be together in-person again.

The service can be viewed on our website www.hillsboromb.com or on our church Facebook page. DVD and CD recordings are also available upon request to be mailed or delivered to you upon request. Please contact the church office, a pastor or a deacon to make this request if you are not already on the list. If you do watch the service on-line, I want to encourage you to tune-in at the same time as the service is live, to post a comment that you’re watching, and to sing with us. There is power in community, and it adds meaning knowing that you are worshipping along with everyone else even when not physically present.

Several in our church family have been significantly impacted by COVID-19 and all of us are experiencing life differently because of this pandemic. Let’s continue to pray for each other, care for each other and use this time as an opportunity to study and grow. Our hurting world needs the hope we have in Jesus as much as it ever has. Let’s enter this Christmas season with confidence and share that hope generously!

God bless and let’s get through this together in unity,

Pastor Jeremy

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Hillsboro MB Church is a friendly place with a deep love for God and all people! We are not a perfect family but we are one that has found life and purpose in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We are a family in which you will feel both loved and challenged. We hope you will join us and quickly find a home here where you can live out God’s calling on your life. Join us here at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings for our live worship service.

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