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Let's Get Started

So, you would like to schedule an event at Hillsboro MB Church!  We welcome many events, but need to gather some information from you before we can approve your event and finalize details. Please begin by filling out the HMBC Event Request Form.  Once you have submitted this form, you will be contacted by the church office manager to confirm whether your event has been approved and placed on the church master calendar.

HMBC Event Request Form

Sanctuary Size:  Sanctuary will hold 400 comfortably.  Sixty chairs can be added to the back for extra seating.
Fellowship Hall Size:  With tables and chairs, the Fellowship Hall will hold 350 (45 tables x 8).  NOTE:  this quantity gives a limited serving area.
Hearth Room Size:  With tables and chairs, the Hearth Room will hold 64 (8 tables x 8).
Jr. High Room:  With tables and chairs, the Jr. High Room will hold 64 (8 tables x 8).

Terms and Conditions
1. The HMBC facility is established for the purpose of advancing God's kingdom.  While events can be held here that do not intentionally support that purpose, no event held inside this building or on HMBC property should undermine our purpose.
2.  The person requesting the event should complete and submit this form three months in advance of the event date whenever possible.
3. Events, speakers, and performers must be approved by Staff at staff meeting.  If there is anything questionable, the Staff will refer the request to the Leadership Board for final approval.  Response will be provided within two weeks of receiving the initial request.  When the event is approved, the Office Manager will add the event to the church master calendar.
4.  Drugs, alcohol and dances are prohibited on church property.
5.  Events may not be reserved more than one year in advance.
6.  If more than one event is requested for a date or in close proximity, precedence will be given to HMBC events that advance our mission.
7. No open candles may be used at any event.
8. No Saturday events, especially weddings, may be scheduled with a start time later than 5:00 pm.
9. No birdseed, rice, wheat or confetti may be thrown at any event
10.  All payments are due one week from the date of the event.



Our Sanctuary comfortably seats 400 people in the pews.  Our pews are padded with ample leg room.  Approximately 60 extra chairs can be placed in the back of the room for additional seating.  


Our Foyer is a large, open gathering space that has multiple uses for an event.  In most cases, it is left open to provide an open area for guests to move about and mingle.

Fellowship Hall

Our Fellowship Hall is a spacious area that can be configured in several different ways.  Please click below to view the round table configuration.  Please click below to view the chairs in rows configuration.  Please click below to view rectangular tables configuration.  Each configuration is shown at capacity.

Hearth Room

Our Hearth Room provides a more intimate setting and can be a very versatile space for many different events.  Click here to see a round table setup.  Click here to see chairs in row setup.  Click here to see chairs in a circle set up.  


Our kitchen is equipped with an industrial dishwasher, multiple ovens, an ice machine, and multiple sinks.  Currently, we share our kitchen space with a child care center, so we have health regulations to follow and require the kitchen to be left pristine when used.


Our nursery space is divided giving an area for babies and those who are crawling and walking.  There is a check-in station between the two separate rooms.

Jr. High Room

Our Jr. High Youth Room has 


Our classrooms are generally left in their typical configuration.  For events, they can be used for childcare or for dressing rooms.  

Other Spaces

Several other spaces that we do have available, but are not typically reserved are our Mother's Room, our Senior High Youth Room, our Choir Room/Quilting Room, and our staff conference room.  If you have questions about any of these spaces, please contact the church office.