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Mission, Vision & Values

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer


OUR MISSION is to help people find faith in Christ and to develop Christ-like people.
We are excited about the vision that God has given us. It is a multifaceted vision that is ultimately a picture of what we see happening in and through the lives of children, students and adults when our mission is being accomplished under the guidance and empowerment of Jesus. With that end in view it is a vision of…


REACHING LOCALLY: It is the vision of reaching an ever increasing percentage of Hillsboro and Marion County for Jesus by intentionally and earnestly sharing His love and the gospel message with them.

It is the vision of growing to be like Jesus by equipping every person that crosses paths with Hillsboro MB Church in personal spiritual practices and connecting them with the people and environments that develop Christ-likeness.

SERVING INTENTIONALLY: It is the vision of serving Jesus and others by helping every believer in our church family discover their spiritual gifts, talents and passions and then connecting them with the significant kingdom ministries for which God has designed them.

SENDING GLOBALLY: It is the vision of raising up and sending out short term and career missionaries and church workers, equipping every believer in our church for a life of mission wherever God places them.

LEADING FAMILY: It is the vision of inspiring and equipping parents, grandparents and guardians to provide spiritual leadership in their families, especially with their children, so that homes become the center for impact and transformation that God desires.

We are earnestly committed to doing whatever God leads us to do, no matter how difficult the sacrifice or how strenuous the challenge, to accomplish His mission and to bring Him glory in our lives, our ministry, and our world. By God’s grace, truth, and empowerment, the vision He has given us for the fulfillment of our mission will be accomplished!

Hillsboro MB Church is guided by a strong devotion to our confession of faith and to the following values. The first eight represent the core values that currently guide our life and mission as a church. These are referred to as our actual values. The last three represent values we believe we must become more devoted to in order to be and accomplish all that God wants for us. These are referred to as our aspirational values. It is our prayer that as we own and model these values God will work in powerful ways to enable us to accomplish our mission of helping people find faith in Christ and developing Christ-like people.


WORSHIP: We believe people are created with a need to worship God; gathering for experiences de- signed to facilitate honest and passionate worship pleases God and draws people to him.

We agree that a growing understanding and application of God’s Word is a foundational ingredient for a close and devoted relationship with Jesus.

PREACHING AND TEACHING: We value gifted preaching and teaching of God’s Word as a primary catalyst for the transformation that God wants to accomplish in the lives of individuals and the church.

COMMUNITY: We believe God calls his people to care for the needs of those within and beyond the church; we want to help people discover their God-given passions and giftedness so they can respond effectively.

FAMILY: We believe God has established the family; to equip and nourish families with what they need to live for Christ is one of the most effective means of building God’s Kingdom.

CHILDREN & YOUTH: We believe children and youth are capable of lives of devotion and impact in God’s Kingdom; we have been given the responsibility to lay the spiritual foundation that will help them continue as lifelong followers of Jesus.

PRAYER: We understand that apart from God we can do nothing of spiritual significance; the primary way we express our dependence on God, both individually and corporately, is through prayer.

CONNECTING: We value the worldwide family of Mennonite Brethren as partners in biblical discernment, reaching people beyond our community and training young people for ministry and service.

We believe God is passionately reaching out to people within our reach, and is calling this church, in love, to intentionally communicate through deeds and words the way to salvation in Christ.

GRACE: We believe God is calling us to show grace and forgiveness to others because God has shown grace and forgiveness to us.

FELLOWSHIP: We believe caring relationships among those who share a common love for God and His mission should permeate every aspect of church life; we will be diligent in creating environments where those relationships can flourish.